Survival Heroes Tier List

In the frozen world of Whiteout Survival, where humanity battles for existence in icy conditions, players must harness the power of a magical electricity burner and manage scarce resources to reconstruct civilization. Our tier list identifies the most potent heroes, equipping you to excel in this frigid realm. It's important to note that each hero has the potential to become formidable through proper power-ups and leveling.

S-Tier Heroes:

  • Molly (SSR, Combat)
  • Zinman (SSR, Growth)
  • Natalia (SSR, Combat)
  • Jeronimo (SSR, Combat)
  • Patrick (SSR, Combat)

A-Tier Heroes:

  • Jessie (SR, Combat)
  • Gina (SR, Combat)
  • Seo-yoon (SR, Growth)

B-Tier Heroes:

  • Cloris (R, Growth)
  • Charlie (R, Growth)
  • Smith (R, Growth)

Each hero offers unique strengths and abilities, contributing to the diverse strategies players can employ to navigate the challenges of Whiteout Survival.

Molly is a formidable SSR hero renowned for her combat prowess. She is classified as a lancer, excelling in close-quarter battles. One of her signature abilities, "Super Snowball," allows her to hurl a massive snowball, inflicting area-of-effect damage and freezing enemies for a brief duration of 1.5 seconds.

Zinman, a powerful SSR hero, falls under the growth type category and belongs to the marksman class. His first active ability, "Nail Scatter," allows him to envelop the target in a barrage of nails, inflicting damage and causing a 2-second stun. This makes him a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of turning the tide of battle in his favor.

Natalia, an SSR hero, falls under the combat type category and belongs to the infantry class. Her first active ability, "Beast Charge," involves her bear violently smashing the ground, resulting in the knockback and stunning of enemies within range for 1 second, in addition to dealing area-of-effect damage.

Jeronimo is a powerful SSR hero known for his combat prowess. As an infantry class hero, he excels in close combat situations. His first active ability, Combo Slash, allows him to launch enemies in the targeted area into the air before following up with three devastating slashes, each inflicting substantial damage. Jeronimo's skill set makes him a formidable force on the battlefield, especially in confrontations requiring swift and decisive action.


Unique Abilities of SSR and SR Heroes

Patrick is an SSR hero categorized as a combat type with the hero class of lancer. His first active ability, "BBQ Feast," allows him to prepare a lavish feast, restoring health by Attack x 200% to all troops and increasing attack by 5% for all troops for 4 seconds.

Now, let's move on to the next hero in this tier: Jessie.

Jessie, a senior hero, falls under the combat type and is designated as a lancer in her hero class. Her primary active ability, known as "Burst Fire," allows her to unleash a barrage of gunfire in a forward arc, inflicting 55% of her attack damage every 0.5 seconds for a duration of 2 seconds. This makes her a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of unleashing sustained damage against her enemies.

Gina, a distinguished SR hero, falls into the combat category and possesses the hero class of a marksman. Her primary active ability, known as "Incendiary Arrow," enables Gina to unleash a devastating incendiary shot that inflicts 210% attack damage on the targeted enemy and 70% attack damage on adjacent foes. Furthermore, Gina's strategic prowess on the battlefield makes her a formidable force to be reckoned with.

As for Seo-Yoon, she is another remarkable hero with unique abilities and attributes that set her apart in the realm of Whiteout.

Seo-Yoon is a growth type SR hero with a hero class of marksman. Her first active ability, "Heartbeat of Valor," involves lifting the army's spirit with invigorating drum beats. This increases all hero and troops attack by 1.5% and attack speed by 2.5% for 4 seconds.

Moving on to the tier list of heroes, let's start with Cloris.

Seo-yoon is a renowned hero known for her exceptional growth abilities. She falls under the marksman hero class, making her a formidable force on the battlefield. One of her signature moves is the "Rain of Arrows," where she unleashes a devastating hail of arrows, inflicting 180% area of effect damage around the target.


Explosive Lancer: Charlie's Shrapnel Load

Charlie, a growth type hero, belongs to the lancer class and possesses the first active ability called "Shrapnel Load." This ability enables Charlie to hurl a homemade explosive, inflicting area of effect damage to the primary target and nearby enemies.

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